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Life with Tonya.....and Dexter the Dog
Balancing business and furry family.

Welcome to Life with Tonya. Join me on my journey to finding a balance between my company, Raising Your Pets Naturally, my amazing dog, Dexter, and trying to improve my personal wellness for life.

Hi, I’m Tonya. A single, middle-aged woman just trying to run a business, spend quality time with my pooch, keep up with household chores, and find a little time for myself. For me, free time just doesn’t exist. I continually have a to-do list and, for every item I scratch off, I add three more. It seems no matter how hard I try to do things for myself such as eating right, exercising, or maybe just vegging out, work always comes first.

After years of false starts, I think I have a solution to my problem. A new women’s wellness-and-health blog. I know this may seem like a backwards solution to finding time to improve my health, but I think if I need to create content for this site, I will be pushed to eat better, take care of myself, and even work out. Right? That’s the theory, anyway.

I’m not looking to get into supermodel shape, or even eat as healthy as Dexter, just improve and maybe not eat 2 frozen meals a day. Maybe I can even make the time to get to the gym. After all, I do have a gym membership card somewhere in my purse.

If you are looking for down-to-earth tips, recipes, and wellness ideas, I hope you follow along. You can keep up with my daily adventures across my social media pages, pin your favorite recipes, and sign up for my newsletter. If we are just meeting, you might want to check out my company, Raising Your Pets Naturally, for a ton of information on pet care and positive dog training.

Thanks for stopping by, and feel free to reach out with any of your best tips or ideas for this blog.

XO Tonya